Hi and welcome to my blog! On the search for sensational skin and happy hair!

I am really interested in natural beauty, whether this be the make up you apply, the food you eat to achieve that healthy glow or the skincare routine you develop. Beauty is so personal and means something different to each individual.

My aim is to wear as little make up as possible and to use skincare products that will help my skin. I want to get down to the ingredients label, and find out why products work the way they do. I believe healthy skin is not only based on what you apply, but also what you eat. Therefore healthy diet also holds an interest of mine. No doubt about it, when my diet is on point, my skin thanks me for it.

My poor hair is as bleach battered as it possibly could be. I buy so many products to help hydrate and restore my hair, some successful some not so much. To achieve healthy hair requires some level of dedication; regular cuts, routine hair masks, nourishing hair brands.

One of my mantras which applies to hair and beauty is that it all starts at the beginning. Cleansing your skin and hair is paramount if you want to achieve a healthy look. There’s no point investing in products when the base isn’t being looked after.

So follow me on my journey for healthy and happy skin and hair inside and out! I welcome recommendations of brands if they have worked for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact katieanneblog@gmail.com if you have any suggestions.

Testing and trying out products is what I love doing!

Katie x





2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Thank for visiting pinvestigation! I am school to be a nurse practitioner and think I want to focus on dermatology so I find your blog very interesting. My new favorite skin product is the Clarisonic Mia…If you don’t own it…. you most definitely should=)


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