REDKEN Anti-Snap | My Hair’s Best Friend

If you have every bleached your hair, and feel the effects of it now, this will be your new best friend. My hair grows at a snail’s pace, so even though my most intense bleach faze was about 6 years ago, I can still feel the dry and course effects of the bleach in the lower half of my hair.

Redken’s Anti-Snap Leave In Treatment is specifically designed for damaged hair, split ends and hair breakage. My hair had a lot of breakage which was instantly calmed after just a couple of uses.Photo 06-06-2017, 13 06 11

The first use of this anti-snap treatment made a huge difference. The texture went from dry and course, to smooth and shiny. I used it religiously for about 6 weeks as an intense treatment. After washing (shampoo + condition) and towel drying, I spritz 3 pumps into my hands, and massage through hair from two thirds down. This is a leave in treatment, so you can let it dry naturally or blow dry.

Containing three main ingredients:

18-MEA: Protects hair’s natural shine.

CERAMIDE: Strengthens the hair fiber to prevent breakage.

INTERLOCK PROTEIN NETWORK: Rebuilds surface protection, and provides progressive conditioning and strengthens hair’s core.

I think you’re hair, once it is back to a healthy state, stops absorbing products that it doesn’t rely anymore. Therefore I reached a point where this treatment didn’t make a difference anymore, but at this stage it looked like it was in really good condition. Nowadays, I use it when my hair needs an injection of moisture and strength.

If you’ve ever coloured your hair, especially with bleach, and you’re experiencing dry and brittle hair that frays and splits, please try this treatment. The anti-snap is part of their ‘Extreme‘ range – I shall be giving more of this range a go for sure!




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