Saviour of bleached hair!

I can’t rave enough about this hair mask. Kerastase already has a very high reputation within the hair industry, and back in November I thought I’d give one of their masks a go.

The mask I chose was specifically for thick, dried out hair. Four words that describe mine perfectly. From their Nutritive range, this one’s called the Magistral Masque and RRP’s for Β£30.20, although online retailers often have special reductions on Kerastase, especially

Photo 06-06-2017, 13 36 42

I started using this mask about once a week for one month. After that I use it when needed, which is when I particularly notice the difference. Earlier this week, my hair felt drier and courser than normal. I kept this on for about 6 hours after shampooing. When I washed it off and blow dried it that night, it is instantly softer and smoother.

Be sure to wash it off thoroughly, otherwise you’ll feel remnants of it when your hair is dry. I always use conditioner after shampooing, so I did my normal condition after washing out the mask.

I would love to try more Kerastase products, I think I will definitely stick with the Nutritive range. If you have coloured your hair over several years, and want to see some more shine and softness in your locks, give this mask a go. You’ll love the results!


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