£300 for a moisturiser?

I received a complimentary sample of Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream with my Latest In Beauty order for signing up during the month of April. I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but after a little research I can see why I haven’t. They’re not likely to be in my affordable aisle in Superdrug.

This 10ml sample was valued at £60 by the website which I thought was quite a hefty price for that amount. However Chantecaille‘s full size product is £300 for 50ml!!Photo 27-05-2017, 12 18 13

Before I even started using this moisturiser, I can pretty safely say I wouldn’t be purchasing the full size product. I think my parents would disown me if they saw me spending £300 on a little jar!

Following the rule of ‘the more expensive the product, the better it must be’ (I don’t actually believe this), this cream must be packed with magic anti-aging beans to achieve it’s objective of “revealing a perfect 3D re-contoured look”. The cream is ‘infused’ with five plant stem cells:

  1. Bionymph Stem Cell Extract
  2. Plantago Stem Cell Extract
  3. Caffeine Free Coffee Stem Cell Extract
  4. Daphne Stem Cell Extract
  5. Raspberry Stem Cell Extract

Yeah, I don’t know what these are either. They could be countries taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest for all I know.

Reading about Chantecaille’s philosophy was actually really interesting. A family business, their emphasis is on targeting inflammation; scientifically recognised as the cause of aging in the skin, they believe this causes the fine lines, reduction in firmness and changing in pigmentation. The properties of the plant-based ingredients used by Chantecaille are chosen to reduce these signs of ageing.


So what did I think?

Very nice consistency; this is not a light cream. Quite rich when you apply it – a little goes a long way. The most impressive result I saw was that it cleared some of my spots very quickly. After feasting on a bit (a lot) of chocolate the weekend before, my skin was starting to break out. These dried and healed very quickly using this cream.

My only negative is the scent of the product. It’s quite a thick scent, but rather than being heavy with floral or musky smells, it’s a creamy, antique sort of smell. Not unpleasant at all, but I would associate it with an anti-aging product.

I will keep using this cream, especially when I feel my skin needs a good boost. The ‘lifting’ title to this product range seems appropriate as I do feel my skin is ‘boosted’ by all it’s ingredients.

Like I said, I am doubtful I would spend £300 on the full product. Murad and Decleor provide a similar ‘boost’ sensation for me for a sixth of the price. However I loved trying a cream like this. Good on Latest In Beauty for giving us samples!



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