A cleansing gel that will wake you up! 

This cleanser comes from Africology; a skincare range set up in Johannesburg. It prides itself on using natural and bio-identical ingredients with opened products able to last up to six months. They do not test on animals and are completely safe for daily use.

Bio-identical ingredients are those which structure are the same as cells in the human body. This means the body recognises, absorbs and easily processes the ingredients.

Africology’s Purifying Cleansing Gel feels like a real treat of a product. The first thing that hits me is the scent. Very fragrant and uplifting, this cleanser would be an ideal wake me up on an early morning.img_1364

This gel contains lavender, rosemary, green roobos extract, and soapbark tree extracts which gives it its strong aroma and properties such as naturally cleansing, purifying, anti-inflammatory, soothing and antibacterial.

Some of these essential oils are from tree barks; these oils can be irritating to sensitive skin types, so I might avoid this gel if I was hyper-sensitive to strong products.

Using two pumps of the gel (don’t use four like I did the first time! Too strong!) it spreads really well all over the face and down the decolletage. It’s a thicker consistency than what I’m used to, and absorbed quite quickly into the skin. Adding a little water made it foam which made me feel the gel was getting deep into the skin, then dragging all the dirt out. Ultimately my face felt really cleansed after use, which is what you want.

The only negative for me is that there is no instruction as to whether this gel can be used around the eyes. Obviously not directly, but it doesn’t even mention eyes, or to avoid them. This would be a problem if you’re using this gel as an eye make up remover. Due to the strength of the fragrance I wouldn’t recommend putting it anywhere near your eyes.

I love essential oils, and I will try any product that uses them. This one certainly feels jam packed with them, which is a plus for me! Try this cleanser if you like a ‘wake me up and feel refreshed feeling’ – I will keep using this product in the morning for that zingly, woken up feeling on my skin. But please take caution if you do have sensitive skin.

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