Just Add Water! | GLOV MakeUp Removal Mini Glove

I was sent a GLOV make up removal mini glove in this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box. I hadn’t heard of gloves to remove make up before, but the tag line of ‘just add water’ suggests it is a relatively simple method.

To put it simply, I know water does not remove makeup. It may smear it around your face, but it’s not something I would ever rely on to remove products. So my optimism for this mini glove wasn’t high.

Photo 16-05-2017, 14 34 53

Having done a little research after receiving the GLOV, previous users seem to rave about these products. To test it out for myself, I laid on some quite thick make up to really put it to the test! The beauty products I used are below:

Photo 16-05-2017, 14 52 38.jpg

My every day make up is Maybelline BB Cream in Light and Yves Saint Laurent Mascara. That’s it. But I treat myself to a little more make up for special occasions/nights out etc. Theses are my go to products, and seemed perfect for this test!Photo 16-05-2017, 14 33 02.jpg

The mini Glov fits around one finger and can only be described as ‘fluffy’. There doesn’t appear to be any product on the Glov, the instructions simply say to wet the Glov and start to use.

I began at my forehead and worked my way down. The foundation was clearly coming off on the glove, however the real test was the mascara.File 16-05-2017, 15 42 50.jpeg


I genuinely believed it would smear around and leave panda eyes! However I was completely wrong, it removed all of the mascara in one swoop! I removed the make up from half of my face to see the difference and I’m really impressed that just adding water to this glove removed the make up so well.

The pros of this glove is that you can literally take it anywhere, just add water!I removed every piece of make up and I didn’t need to cleanse afterwards. I would definitely recommend this product if you find you react to cleansers/make up wipes, or if you travel a lot it’s perfect to compact into your suitcase. Once used, wash with a little soap, and leave to dry; you can reuse this product for up to 3 months.

My only negative about this Glov is that I felt it drags across the skin. Obviously when it is damp it causes a little friction, so for me I would remain using a cleanser because it’s not as harsh on my skin.

However should I come across Glov in the future, I know I can rely on it as a make up remover. It has been quite hard to locate in the UK, even on Look Fantastic’s website’s, so I have left a few links below:



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